Round Two With My Stepmom – S4:E6

Tony has a bigtit babe of a stepmom in Lolly Dames. They got together a year ago, but they were caught out by Tony’s dad. Lolly and Tony thought all was forgiven and forgotten, but now that they’ve decided to take a family vacation together, Tony’s dad has brought up Lolly’s infidelity again. He harassed Lolly to the point that she got a hotel room and blocked his phone number. Tony’s dad eventually sent his son over to go retrieve Lolly. When Tony arrives, he finds Lolly sleeping in a skimpy getup. She basically tells him to fuck off, but then calls him back and asks him for a ride so she can go to the beach with some guy friends.Lolly instructs Tony to wait while she gets dressed. She intentionally gets naked and changes into a skimpy bikini right in front of him. When she asks Tony to tie her bikini bra, Tony tries once again to get out of this situation. Lolly makes it clear to Tony that she’s going to go to the beach to get someone to fuck her because she’s horny and not about to waste her hot body on her husband when he’s being a jackass. She tells Tony that the only way to stop her going to the beach with the goal of getting it on with a stranger is to fuck her. She points out that all she has to do is tell Tony’s dad that he fucked her anyway, so he may as well. Faced with that reality, Tony agrees to give big titty Lolly her way as long as she promises to keep it a secret.Cock hungry and oh so eager to get it on, Caitlin peels off her bikini and then drops to her knees so she can worship Tony’s hardon with a BJ. Then she gets into bed on her hands and knees so Tony can give it to her while smacking that big booty. On her back, Caitlin lets Tony admire those huge titties as he bangs her nice and hard as she rubs her clit. After getting Tony to lay down, Caitlin climbs aboard in reverse cowgirl and shows her stepson how much se loves getting that big ass to jiggle as she rides him hard and urges him to spank her. Climbing off the D, Caitlin sucks her own juices from her stepson’s cock and then gets on her feet leaning over the bed so Tony can give her one last big O. Pulling out at the last possible second, Tony pops all over her huge bottom and then immediately offers to do his stepmom again.