Lexi Luna is a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants. She’s sick of fucking immature guys who can’t do it for her. Her latest deadbeat boyfriend is really pissing her off, so she decides to try something a little bit different. Robby Echo, the repair guy, is in her house clearly checking Lexi out. Lexi initially tells him to cut it out and do his job, but once she has gotten into it with her now-ex boyfriend, she encourages it. She tells Robby to help her out by untying her dress, then walks off, leaving him horny and confusedIn her bedroom, Lexi slips into the proverbial something more comfortable. As Robby is drawing up the invoice, Lexi struts out in a sexy lingerie and robe getup. She learns that Robby is the boss of his own company, and that he took the job to make sure everything would be perfect. Robby makes as though he’s going to leave, but Lexi stops him and asks whether he’s going to ask her out. Robby puts up minimal resistance before Lexi goes in for a kiss. Taking Robby to the couch, she throws him down and tells him to eat her pussy right now. Ever obedient, Robby does as he’s told and dives right in for a pussy feast.Lexi isn’t one to take without giving back. She gets Robby to his feet so she can pop his dick out and blow him with every evidence of pleasure. Once she has sated herself gobbling the D, Lexi mounts Robby in reverse cowgirl and slides down with a long moan of delight. Getting off in cowgirl is just the first big O for this bigtit babe. She gets on her back and has Robby do her as he rises above her. Then Lexi sinks back down on Robby’s fuck stick to ride him in cowgirl with her big boobs in his face. On her hands and knees, Lexi rocks back to meet each of Robby’s doggy style strokes before he pulls out just in time to nut all over her jugs. As they come down from the passionate sex, Lexi tells Robby she’ll call him if she needs him again.

Lexi Luna brings her accountant Juan Loco some water to drink as they sit together and go through her finances. Juan is well qualified in the financial department, but he’s still pretty awkward with such a hot woman who’s so comfortable with being in charge. When Juan announces unprovoked that he’s experiences with girls in addition to finances, Lexi puts him in his place. Booping Juan on the nose, Lexi tells him to stay put and that she’ll be right back.Lexi goes to her bedroom, where she slips her dress off so she can put some sheer black lingerie on. From her bra and matching thong to her stockings complete with garter belt, she’s as hot as it gets. Juan is diligently working away when Lexi returns dressed like the milf of his dreams. Lexi tells Juan to go ahead and seduce her, but when he fumbles the offer she takes charge. Grabbing his hands, she puts first one and then the other on her tits. Then she pulls her thong aside and shoves Juan’s face into her pussy so he can show her whether he’s any good with her mouth.From there, Lexi continues to call the shots. She has Juan get to his feet so she can evaluate his hardon, then drops to her knees so she can suck it while stroking her own clit. This horny mama can’t wait to get her kicks, so she leans forward with the support of the desk chair and urges Juan to shove it in from behind. From there, Lexi sits Juan down in the chair and impales herself on his fuck stick so she can ride him while shoving her big boobies into his face. Turning around, Lexi continues her ride in reverse cowgirl. She winds up leaning backwards on the chair with Juan pounding between her thighs until he pulls out to blow his load on her belly. Sated, Lexi suggests they may need another session tomorrow.

Captain Brandi Love isn’t about to take any shit from anyone, especially not from Juan Loco or Ricky Spanish. She knows the boys are friends, so she questions whether they can work well together. Furthermore, she notes that Ricky has been working there for a year and still needs additional training in dealing with the highly dominant and extremely sexual ladies who make up the majority of their clientele. The boys need to be ready for any situation. Abruptly walking forward, Captain Love grabs Ricky’s dick and asks if his cock is hard for her. When Ricky says yes, she tells him he’s not allowed to ever fraternize with the clients.Later, Captain Love is lecturing the boys on safety when Ricky grabs a buoy and pretends to fuck it. Brandi notices and tells him that if he wants to fuck the buoy, he should pull his dick out and just fuck the buoy. Turning to Juan, Brandi asks if he likes watching his friend bang the buoy even as she’s stroking him off. Then she asks Juan if he’d like a blowjob. Ricky tries to run off, but Captain Love wants him to sit there and watch. Getting up from her crouched BJ position, Brandi instructs Juan to have a seat so she can peel off her panties and ride his dick.Insisting this is still part of training so the boys can learn how to take control, Captain Love orders Ricky to whip it out. Finding him nice and hard for her, she lets him see her tits as long as he strokes himself off. When Brandi decides Ricky can have a turn banging her, she gets on her hands and knees so he can do her in doggy as she sucks Juan off. Juan gets another go with Brandi’s velvet glove as she sits on the table with her thighs spread wide open. That position lets Ricky stand above her so she can stroke and suck his fuck stick. That keeps Ricky nice and primed for Brandi to ride him in cowgirl. As she leans forward to blow Juan, her tits smush right into Ricky’s face. Dropping to her knees with one cock in either hand, Brandi sucks and blows and strokes until both Ricky and Juan have given her a mouthful of cum. When Ricky compliments Juan on how well he did on his first day, Brandi tells him that it’s his first and last day because they’re both fired.

Covid is causing problems once again as Ricky Spanish is on his own because his parents have to quarantine. Two nurses, Alura Jenson and Reagan Foxx, are taking care of his parents and also taking responsibility for Ricky. In return, Ricky is being quite the brat. The MILFy nurses go to his room to wake him up, but Ricky is still asleep. They pull the top covers off of him, at which point Ricky claims he’s sick. The nurses have already tested Ricky for Covid so they know he’s lying. They announce that they’re not his mommy and they won’t be fooled by him. Pulling the sheet down, Alura checks Ricky’s temperature rectally. The nurses can’t help but see that he’s rocking a huge hardon, so with a wink between themselves they decide to milk Ricky’s prostate so he won’t be hard all day. Reagan is the first to go beside Ricky for a handie, but Alura is right there a hot second later. Together, the bigtit nurses take care of their surprised patient with their hands and mouths, and even their big boobies.Getting Ricky to cum doesn’t turn out to be a wham bam thank you ma’am type of deal. He’s still raring to go as Alura mounts him in cowgirl. She hops off and sucks her girl goo from Ricky’s stiffie so that Reagan can have a go in cowgirl, too, as Alura provides her jugs to be suckled. Getting on her knees, Alura takes a doggy style pussy pounding while she eats Reagan out. The nurses tag out with Reagan getting the D and a mouthful of sweet snatch juices. One her back, Reagan lifts one thigh as Ricky gives it to her, then switches spots with Alura so she can have one last go. When Ricky pulls out to blow his load on Alura’s muff, Reagan is there to lick her clean and then share the jizz with a snowball kiss.

Juan Loco is starting martial arts training. Imagine his surprise when he walks into the living room to find that his teacher is a woman, and a hot one at that. Veronica Weston is just getting warmed up when Juan joins her. She’s used to boys having strong reactions to her milfy body, so she does her best to be professional at first. When Juan tries to mock Veronica for her white belt, she pins him to the mat. Juan comes back and asks if he should have a male instructor for this. To prove that Juan is the problem and not her, Veronica has him try to punch her hand until he’s exhausted.After a short break, Veronica asks Juan if he’s ready to spar. She gives him a chance to come at her, then shows him how it’s done by pinning him to the ground and kneeling on his arms. When Juan can’t get free, Veronica gives him motivation by flashing her tits. Her position on top of Juan lets her know the moment he gets hard. She asks if he wants some help with that. When he says yes, she turns around to pop that stiffie out. Her handie becomes a titty fuck, which quickly transitions to an enthusiastic BJ.Veronica’s position makes it easy to shift her hips forward and slide down on that hard dick. Bumping and grinding against Juan in reverse cowgirl is just the beginning for this blonde babe. After another blowjob to suck her own juices from Juan’s fuck stick, Veronica gets on her hands and knees so her younger student can give her a doggy style pussy pounding. She winds up on her belly with Juan giving it to her nice and deep, Pulling out, Juan pops all over Veronica’s tits to leave her giggling and cum covered.

Reagan Foxx hasn’t realized how much her friend’s son, David Lee, has grown up. Reagan shows up early to get together with David’s mom, but when she finds that it’s just David she knows she has to go. She’s very nervous because she wants badly to come on to David. When David talks her into staying just five more minutes, Reagan agrees. Before that five minutes is up, Reagan has crawled towards David on the couch while telling him that she enjoys taboo and that she loves a strong, young man like him. This bigtit milf has impulse issues, which she demonstrates as she pins David against the stairs and pulls his pants down. Stroking David’s fuck stick, Reagan informs him that she’s not his mommy and that they’re doing this. What else can David do but agree as his mom’s bigtit friend crouches to stroke and suck his dick? Lifting her miniskirt to show off her sheer thong, Reagan guides David back to the couch and instructs him to eat her pussy so that he can get her motor running for the main event.Once David has worked some magic with his tongue, Reagan instructs him to take a seat on the couch so she can ride the fuck stick. Cowgirl lets David really enjoy those big jugs while Reagan rubs her anus. When Reagan turns around for a reverse cowgirl ride, she’s in total control as David just watches her work it. Getting to her feet, Reagan leans forward over the couch so her BFF’s son can fuck her from behind. They shift to spooning with David delivering a proper pussy pounding from behind. When Reagan rolls onto her back, the busty milf spreads herself wide open for David to bring her off one last time. A moment later, he pulls out to bust a nut all over Reagan’s stomach so she can lick the treat from her fingertips even as David’s mom walks in.

Juan Loco and Kylre Quinn are stepsiblings working together on a school project. Kyler makes a comment about developing really well. She goes on to pick up a piece of paper, which flashes her pussy at Juan. Juan makes a comment about how his stepsis can’t be developing because there’s no hair down there. Kyler smacks Juan and storms out of the room to retrieve her teachers, who have swung by to pick up the homework she and Juan were doing. Natasha Nice and Spencer Scott come flying into the room to demand to know what Juan just said to his stepsister. Grabbing Juan by the ear, Natasha proclaims that they’re going to teach him how to be a man. They drag him to the bedroom and tie a ribbon between his cock and his forehead. Juan is clearly uncomfortable, but his stepsis and her two teachers know what to do. Natasha and Spencer urge Kyler to feel Juan’s stiffie, then push him onto the bed. They demonstrate proper BJ technique for Kyler, sucking the cock and balls equally, then tell Kyler that Juan owes her some good fuck.Kyler climbs onto her stepbro in cowgirl and then bounces away as Natasha seats her pussy on Juan’s face. The three-lady domination continues as Natasha straddles Juan and lets him pump into her from below while she eats Kyler out. Spencer takes the next turn, riding Juan in reverse cowgirl. On her hands and knees, Kyler eats Spencer out while Juan does his stepsis from behind. He gives it to Spencer as she lays on her back, which brings Juan to the point where he just has time to pull out before he blows his load on Spencer’s stomach. The two teachers tell Juan they don’t ever want to hear him being mean to his stepsister again.

In this spooky scene, Penelope Kay is dressed as her favorite character from a Halloween classic while her stepbrother, Oliver Flynn, is dressed as her character’s beau. Just like in the movie, the stepsiblings are into more than just a platonic relationship. Lexi Luna, who’s chaperoning the Halloween party, knows the stepsibs have a freaky stepfamily fetish going on. She ties them up and tells them that they can fuck if they can get out of the ropes, and then leaves.Of course, nothing will stop Oliver and Penelope from going for it. Oliver manages to use his mouth to pop Penelope’s considerable boobies from her costume. Without untying Penelope’s hands, Oliver positions himself so she can get his dick out for a handie. In return, he gets on his knees between her thighs and dives face first into that juicy snatch. Once Penelope is nice and ready for him, Oliver breaks free of the ropes, proving that he could have the whole time, and slides on home between Penelope’s thighs. They fuck like that for a hot minute and then Oliver unties Penelope so he can throw her onto the bed and slam into her in doggy.Lexi walks in and finds Oliver balls deep in Penelope’s pussy. Instead of getting pissed, she pops those huge jugs out and tells them that she’s not their mommy and she wants in. Next thing Oliver knows, Lexi is riding his stiffie in cowgirl while Penelope rides his tongue. Lexi turns around for some reverse cowgirl action, which officially catches her up with Penelope in terms of orgasms. The girls suck their combined juices from Oliver’s fuck stick in a double blowjob. After that, Lexi eases Penelope onto her back so she can urge the stepsiblings to bang until Oliver pulls out to cum. Licking at the jizz, Lexi and Penleope enjoy tongue kisses to share Oliver’s love.

Delilah Day and her stepbrother Tyler Cruise are looking to purchase a place together. Pristine Edge, their realtor, introduces herself and asks if the stepsiblings are together. They swear they’re just looking for an investment property, but their level of flintiness tells Pristine otherwise. Delilah is also clearly into Pristine, who is definitely vibing with that.Eventually, Pristine shows off the master bedroom and tells the stepsiblings that they can play house all they want, but she’s not their mommy and she knows what’s really up. Delilah steps up and tells Pristine that what she wants is to fuck Pristine while Joshua watches. The girls begin helping each other out of their clothes as the make out. Pressed tit to tit, they rub their bosoms against each other and then go in for some titty sucking. Soon enough, Delilah finds herself on her belly in bed with Pristine tonguing her twat. The girls wind up in a lesbian 69 with Pristine on top and Tyler watching, just like Delilah wanted.When Tyler is invited to join in, he’s already hard as hell. He gives it to Pristine in doggy while Pristine keeps on eating Delilah out. She sucks her own girl goo from Tyler’s hardon as he and pristine make out, and then climbs onto Delilah’s face as Tyler bangs his stepsister on her back. Pristine gets to go for it in doggy. Delilah manages to slide on in there to get Tyler licking her meaty flaps. Finally sated, the two girls go for a double BJ that leaves them smiling as Tyler rewards them with a nice nut of cum.