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Juan Loco and his stepmom, Cory Chase, have always had a pretty good relationship. When they begin to suspect that Cory’s best friend, Anny Aurora, is having an affair with Juan’s dad, they team up to confront the problem head on. When Anny comes creeping out of the bedroom thinking that she and Juan’s dad were home alone, she finds herself face to face with both Cory and Juan. They sit Anny down and give her a stern talking to. Things get even more heated when Anny stands up and cum begins dripping from her twat. Realizing that her husband has creampied her best friend, Cory asks Anny if she’s on birth control. Anny admits that she is not.Cory thinks fast. Looking at Juan, she realizes there’s still an opportunity here. She instructs Juan to fuck Anny and give her a creampie, too, because he’s younger and therefore his sperm will outcompete his dad’s. At least this way if Anny gets knocked up, it’ll be Juan’s instead of his dad’s. Juan and Anny are hesitant, but Cory insists. Whipping it out, Juan shoves it in as Anny lays cradled in Cory’s arms. Despite the hot puss, Juan finds that he can’t cum right away. Eventually, Cory decides to step in and help her stepson out by taking his cock and blowing him to move him towards climax. Juan is still not ready to pop, so Cory takes matters into her own hands.Straddling her stepson’s lap, Cory sinks down to ride Juan in reverse cowgirl. Watching Cory and Juan gets Anny hotter than she could have imagined, so she eventually gets on her hands and knees so Juan can do her from behind as she watches Cory masturbate. The girls share Juan’s cock as they lick their own juices from his fuck stick, and then it’s Cory’s turn for one last go with her stepson. On her back with her head nuzzled right against Anny’s thigh, Cory spreads herself wide open so Juan can bang her hairy snatch. The sight is so hot that Cory finds herself looking at a change of plans. In the end, Cory is the one to take Juan’s creampie that overflows and drips down her legs as she comes down from the impromptu threesome.

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Charlie Valentine wants to be a good stepmom to Juan Loco. Today’s effort is baking some cookies. Juan walks in on his stepmommy is icing just in time to see her get some on her chest and then dredge her fingers through the sweet and lick it off. She spies Juan and tells him that he has big strong hands so he should finish icing the cookies for her. She compliments his efforts, which causes Juan to turn around and accidentally spray icing all over Charlie’s chest. He leaves the room, embarrassed.Later, Juan is on the phone with a friend recounting the situation. He claims he wouldn’t creampie his dad’s wife, but he is now fantasizing about fucking her. What Juan doesn’t know is that Charlie has overhead his conversation and gotten some ideas of her own. She makes another batch of cookies and waits for Juan to join her in the kitchen. When he does, she point blank asks him when he’s going to give her some of his white stuff. Dropping to her knees, she pulls out Juan’s dick to find that he’s nice and hard. She confesses that Juan’s friend was right: she does want to fuck him. Next thing Juan knows, his stepmama has her mouth and hand on his cock to give him a deep throat combo handie and BJ.Getting to her feet, Charlie leans over the kitchen island and offers herself to Juan. He wraps his hands around her waist and slides it in to bang her in doggy. They take things to a chair as Juan takes a seat so Charlie can ride him in reverse cowgirl. Then Charlie sits in the chair as Juan stands between her thighs and gives it to her. As Juan brings Charlie off, she begs him to cum in her. His fantasies of giving his stepmom a creampie conflict with knowing it’s his dad’s wife. In the end, he gives Charlie the cum right where she wants it and then smiles as Charlie tells him that they can cuck his dad again any time.

Liv Revamped is getting ready for her Halloween party. She’s decked out in a sheer robe with sheer lingerie beneath. Her stepson, Johnny Palms, tries to tell her that what she’s wearing is inappropriate. Liv puts Johnny in his place, telling him that this is an adults-only Halloween breeding party. Everyone will be in black robes to preserve anonymity. Johnny storms out of the room, but not before he gets the bright idea to attend the party after all.Cloaked in a black robe, Johnny woos his stepmother at her own breeding party. She chooses him to take back to her room. Starting with a blowjob, Liv makes sure that her secret lover is nice and ready for her. Just sucking cock and knowing what’s to come makes Liv so hot that she pops her tits out to let her hard nipples feel the breeze and then spreads her thighs so she can rub down her own pussy. She’s nice and wet when she climbs into bed and wiggles her ass in invitation for her secret lover to fuck her.Johnny doesn’t hesitate to slide it in and bang his hot stepmommy in doggy. Liv is loving every second of it until she turns around and realizes who it is that’s banging her! After a moment, she decides fuck it, she’s having a great time. That leads Liv to go to work riding Johnny’s hardon in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. Johnny’s hands are everywhere, squeezing Liv’s tits and kneading her ass as she gives it to him. Then he takes charge once again, rolling Liv onto her back and pounding her until he gluts his stepmom with a creampie. That’s just the finish Liv wanted, and she basks in the aftermath while commenting that if this doesn’t work out Johnny will have to come to the Christmas breeding party, too.

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